Ambitious minded people want it all, and they want it all now. Internet sensations and people from reality shows seem to catapult into rockstardom overnight, so is there any reason why we shouldn’t  expect the same for ourselves?

The difference between a person with an ’employee mindset’ and somebody who carves out their own way in life, is the ability to see that things aren’t always laid out for you. People don’t tend to have faith in what you do until it works. However, this can require alot of patience and digging deep within yourself. Behind every great person there’s an even greater story. We’ve all heard the saying, “it took 10 years to be an overnight success”, but most onlookers only see the results and not what took place for you to get there.

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Patience is the ability to bare delay without getting frustrated. It’s like when you send an important message and the other person doesn’t get back to you straight away. How do you cope with that?

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Deb McKoy is the Founder and Consultant at Peppergrain Ltd, London, UK. She began her career as a recording artist, achieving success in the UK national charts before going on to help businesses and individuals maximise their brand.

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Deb McKoy