We Love NY

Felt like Hip-Hop has lost its way recently? Do you yearn for an east coast rapper that could blow you away like Nas did with Illmatic? Well, then do I have a treat for you this morning. Check out this brilliant compilation of ‘10 New York Rappers Worth Hearing’ over on www.birthplacemag.com, where they insist they actually take time to listen to artists instead of submitting to the ‘press-release’ music journalism which is rife in the blogosphere. The result is a detailed review of ten exciting artists plus a little excerpt of each. If like me, you were beginning to fear that gimmicky and whining ‘rapping’ was going to be the future of hip-hop these artists straight outta the Big Apple are here to remind us that for every Soulja Boy Tell Em there’s a potential Jay Z, biding his time, honing his craft in the city of all cities – after London of course.

Check out the article here, and keep checking back on peppergrain for the UK version, being compiled as we speak. My favourite is Skyzoo, simply for his awesome Cosby Cover.

What do you think of the list? Do you think any of these artists has the potential to be a Nas, Jay Z or Biggie? Do you think New York rap can be big again? Let us know in the comments.