Art x Comedy x Love

Facebook browsing has often been looked upon as procrastination with pictures, borderline stalking really and of no real use to anybody. Then, once in a while one of your friends/acquaintances/someone you met somewhere  post something that makes you smile so much, it seems to make all the relentless event invites worth it. Usually its a picture of an albino lion or something, but yesterday my good friend Liz Stokes, posted some images of Ursus Wehrli and I was blown away.

Wehrli hails from Switzerland and his schtick is ‘tidying up’ famous artworks (check out the brilliant video below to see him in action) and I soon discovered he is a comedian and a cabaret artist – whatever that is – but the works he produces were utterly captivating. He deconstructs famous paintings and images including work by Jackson Pollock and Rene Magritte and reorganises them according to colour, size and shape. Very simple but very amusing and a light-hearted way to enjoy and explore art.

His books on Tidying Up Art have proved popular and his new one focuses on everyday life and is called The Art Of Clean Up, the title picture being taken from that book. The pictures are cool and I challenge you not to try and guess how he might deconstruct the images, you won’t be able to resist a smile. Have a quick flick through some of the pictures here, or enjoy the sunshine and take a few minutes to watch the awesome-ness that is this video.  Have a great weekend.



What do you think of Ursus Wehrli? Do you enjoy his OCD attitude to art? Could you go one better? Let us know in the comments!


Monica Rahman