Truly Awe Inspiring

If today’s post doesn’t inspire you lovely lot out there, I don’t know what else will. Imagine if you will how hard it is for the Average Joe to go to Oxbridge here in the UK. Now multiply the shortness of those odds by some insane number and you will understand just how likely it is for a Muslim, head-scarf-wearing girl to get into any Ivy League school in the US. Now imagine you got into THIRTEEN of the top schools in America including Harvard, MIT, Brown, Columbia and Carlton Banks’ dream school Princeton. To add to the jaw-dropping feat, the girl is only fifteen-years old.

I’ll let that marinade for a minute.

So at that tender age, young Suhaila Ibrahim has the world at her feet and her overcoming gender, class, religious and general societal barriers as extreme as these to achieve her goal is so extraordinary and so inspiring it has motivated me to reach beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. So check out the video below and I hope it has the same effect on you.

Does Suhaila’s acheivement inspire you? Do you find her story impressive? Why do you think she was turned down by Yale? Has anything remotely similar happened to you? Comment and let us know!