This Functional Family


Tonight, West Londons’ Cherry Jam hosts a book launch with a difference. Not some fantasy fiction, not even some rags-to-riches hood-to-hero type story, but an honest and fascinating account of whats its like to have, and lose, things most people can only dream of.

Lyndon Haynes, aka Lyn E Lyn – a rapper with the Sindecut Crew in the 80’s, has written ‘This Functional Family: From Inner City To Centre Stage’ and his literary debut is a candid look on what its like to be signed to a major record label when you’re still very young. “Most people wouldn’t know how to handle success at such a young age, especially in music, and its difficult when you don’t have the right tools to manage it or the right people around you” says Lyndon, ” I want the book to be realistic, and tell people the truth, but I also want to inspire them.”

The pun in the book title is Lyndon’s way of turning a negative stereotype on its head. His biological family of Mum, Dad and Brothers have always been extremely supportive of his career, from starting out as a child actor to becoming a pioneer of the early UK hip-hop scene but this is not the only ‘family’ Lyndon belonged to. The Sindecut became a second family to him, and in the book he talks about the differences between growing up at home and growing up within a self-selected ‘family’.

Lyndon also suffers from sickle-cell anemia and one of his aspirations for the book is to raise awareness of the condition but also to show that it isn’t as debilitating as people think, “I was always told by other people that I couldn’t do certain things because of my sickle-cell, so I’ve always had a determination to prove them wrong. Just because you have any disability it doesn’t mean you can’t push things forward. You can’t always be thinking ‘what if?’ you have to try, its the only way to live.”

Lyndon is still writing and he says this book is the first of many and we can expect forays into fiction specifically dramas and thrillers, so keep coming back to peppergrain to find out more.

Lyndon Haynes This Functional Family is available from all leading bookshops and online retailers from 30th June, published by Book Guild.