Think Like A Pioneer #IndustryTips

“That which is dispersed… is gathered into one in art.” – Aristotle

A new style of entrepreneur has emerged. They are visionaries who have found ways to excel in and around the music industry by editing highlights to create their own rendition of the scene.

Dancehall, Hip Hop, and Grime, all came about in the same way. Each genre was born of necessity at a time when inner city youths with little to no opportunities sought out an identity that would express how they felt about their place in the world.

The underground musical subgenres mentioned, and the lifestyles surrounding them, all spurred from densely populated lower income communities. The pioneers of these artforms were underprivilege kids with no musical training who found ways to hack the music making process using the resources at hand. Access to equipment facilitated a way to make music in unconventional ways as a form of art which shaped something bearing their own unique stamp. This gave a voice to the voiceless to share real life experiences drawn from their environment, serving as a way to escape the struggles of that environment.

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Deb McKoy