The Ten Laws of Indie Success

the ten laws of indie success

Music, like art, is a business – according to Andy Warhol “business is the most fascinating kind of art”. To launch our new Artist DIY series we are introducing some dynamic ideas to help get your independent music or artistic career really moving.

The Artist DIY series kicks off with The Ten Laws of Indie Success. Each blog post covers a number of actionable steps for you to apply to your craft. This easy to follow series includes case studies from some of the world’s leading artists who like you started their career independently.

We will attempt to bring to life key business strategies by telling the stories of the artists we most admire. So to get your artistic juices flowing here are The Ten Laws of Indie Success that will be covered in the coming weeks…


Law #1. Supply & Demand
Law #2. Invest In Yourself
Law #3. Take Risks
Law #4. Engage Your Audience
Law #5. Create Customer Experience
Law #6. Study The Industry
Law #7. Build A Strong Team
Law #8. Get Legal Advice
Law #9. Keep Financial Records
Law #10. Know Your Market/Know Your Competition


Want to find out how you can apply The Ten laws of Indie Success to your business or venture? Click here now!

Deb McKoy