The 3 Olodos Part II Premier On Grime Daily

tboy, don't jealous me, a squeezy, arnold jorge, klayze

The hilarious second episode of The 3 Olodos part II premiers tonight on Tboy is joined once again by fellow ‘Olodos’ Kyle ‘Klayze’ Smith-Bynoe and Arnold ‘A Squeezy’ Jorge in another hair-brained scheme that sees the unlikely trio try (and fail) to land that life-changing windfall  but then again what can you expect from men that think you can buy a wife from the ‘world foods aisle in Asda, where my mum buys the ginger beer’.  Again SMH.

Watch your favourite ‘dummies’ crash and burn as girls, relatives and general foolishness make them take their eyes off the prize in this brand-spanking new and fantastic episode of the 3 Olodos, out 9pm on tonight exclusively on

By @lolitalikesit

Deb McKoy