We interrupt your regular internet browsing to bring you an extra-special Unfamous audition update. The Unfamous auditions this weekend were brilliant, but we are aware that a few people were unable to make it down for various reasons, so we have decided to let you send in some video monologues for our panel to deliberate over.

So how do you do it you ask? It’s easy,

  • First film a short monologue, no more than 2-3 minutes, showcasing your amazing acting skills. There is no need to go to OTT though, let the acting be the focus.
  • Upload your audition to youtube on private, then email the link to us at Unfamous@peppergrain.com by 3pm this Wednesday 23rd of May.
  • Be sure to include your name, the role you want to be considered for and your contact details (specifically email address) in the video, click here to view the character profiles.


For any other queries please join the mailing list right here


Good Luck!