Shhhhh….It’s The Unfamous Silent Disco


Hey everybody, I hope you’re all suitably half-dressed to enjoy our mini Summer while it lasts, today I bring you news of an event that will ensure the most fun you will have this weekend. On Friday, an event is happening in our beautiful city, and no not the Olympic opening ceremony but an amazing flashmob silent disco!

We want as many of you as possible to meet us at Marble Arch on Friday 27th of July at 5 pm, bring your ipods/iphones/mp3 players/walkmans and get dancing to your own music for 15 minutes. Having attended a silent disco during my student days I can promise you it is so much fun and the event will be filmed for The Unfamous website. So select a suitable playlist  (or just take a chance on shuffle if you’re crazy like that), wear some black clothing, bring along everybody you know, and have some fun at one of London’s most iconic landmarks with the cast and crew of the most anticipated online series of the year.

Come down and be part of Unfamous history….don’t just be there… be Unfamous.