Mixtape Chart – Submit Now

Mixtapes have been the staple diet of the underground music scene for many years, and with the ever increasing decline of record sales have become a key component in breaking and positioning new artists on the Hip Hop and R&B scene. Fans would probably agree that the best thing about mixtapes is they’re usually free!

As with anything great, it becomes even greater with an element of competition involved – cue the new monthly Mixtape chart about to be launched by www.mixtapecharts.tv. The first top 10 chart rundown will be out next week and there’s still time to submit your mixtape for consideration.

Along with the Mixtape chart there will also be exclusive interviews from some of the most influential artists on the UK underground. To make voting fair the first countdown will be based on downloads, sales and public votes, but as not all mixtapes are free and downloads can vary so future charts will be based on votes. Get voting now! www.mixtapecharts.tv

Deb McKoy