Leaders Create Leaders S2 EP11: Bet On Yourself – ft. Emory Jones

Emory Jones is the Head of Lifestyle at Roc Nation. In this episode we dive into his story. Make sure to TAKE NOTES!! Emory “Vegas” Jones is a self-described “fashion guy.” Back in the ’90s, when many of his friends, including the young (and then-unsigned) Jay Z, broke onto the music scene, Jones held steadfast in keeping fashion as his calling. 30 years later, Jay Z and Jones are at the forefront of Roc Nation Lifestyle, one of rap’s most influential design companies. Together, the East Coast duo created the brand’s famous paper plane logo and forged a monetary link between hip hop and fashion. Now, after facilitating major collaborations between sneaker super-house Puma and artists such as Meek Mill, Solange and Rihanna, Jones linked up with Puma to create his own line, including two sneakers and a suit (sweat tee, pant and jacket).

Deb McKoy