Jay Can Transform Ya

Jay Z , that lover of unlikely collaborations, has done it again – given us something we never thought we’d need and now can’t wait to have. The new ‘approved-by-jigga’ item is a T-shirt project between his fashion label, Rocawear, and the smash-hit blockbuster film franchise  Transformers. The T-shirts will feature pictures of the Autobots and Decepticons, layered over phrases and lyrics made famous by the second-best rapper to hail from Bed-Stuy.

These T-shirts are most likely to be worn by those try-hard people who probably first heard of Jay Z around The Black Album days and think Transformers are only famous because of Megan Fox, you know those Cher Lloyd types, but they still look pretty cool. The concept is a reminder that Shawn Carter is a Cultural Icon and not just a rapper, apart from seriously thinking Lebron James was really going to sign for the Nets, he rarely gets anything wrong. If Jay Z’s dominance in everything he trys annoys you, or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s acting put you off Transformers: Dark of the Moon, just be glad that the T-shirts are designed as they are – it could be worse, they could have Shia LeBeouf’s face on them.

Check out this video on the making of the t-shirts.


What do you think of the collaboration between Rocawear and Transformers? Will you be buying the t-shirts? Do you think Rosie is hotter than Megan Fox? let us know in the comments!