Introducing Brimes; From Shipwrecked To Superstar In The Making

Chances are, if you’re on twitter you have heard of Brimes. If you haven’t yet, you will very soon as he is about to star in E4’s revival of lost-in-paradise reality show, Shipwrecked, which begins tonight. (Check back after the show for a few of Brimes opinions on Shipwrecked) Peppergrain took the opportunity to get to know Brimes a little better.

I start by asking ‘Just who exactly is Brimes?’ He says, “I’m an all round entertainer. Some people know about my music but don’t know about my Brimey Blog, and vice versa.  I come from a grime background but now I’m a funky house MC but I’m also thinking about other genres. I’ve made my own funky track, ‘Why You Here’ about people who go to raves but don’t dance or have a good time, and I’ve also been hosting over lots of mix CDs.”

The comedy side of Brimes, which can be seen in the video above, really is something else, and it all started when Brimes wanted an outlet to vent. He says, “From school people were saying I was a comedian, I had so many opinions and I like to voice them and the way I put them across has always made people laugh. Brimey Blog started about a year ago and in the introductory video, I said I was going to give people my personal opinion on topics, which they would suggest. People obviously thought I was bluffing because I had little feedback so I started to choose subjects myself; the first ones were why black girls shouldn’t wear red lipstick and about guys who refused to give oral sex. People were getting back to me saying it was funny and to keep doing it. I’ve done nine videos so far and try to upload new videos monthly.”

Brimes, who films and edits his own shows, also has another series, Who Got Game, alongside his team the Block Boys. The format is an on-location test for passers-by, usually in shopping centres and other places which attract a big, youthful crowd, to assess who thinks they have game with the opposite sex, and also giving them an opportunity to demonstrate how they would successfully ‘draw’ a potential mate.  “Normally people make themselves looks stupid during the show and as the presenters, we help them look even more stupid but we take the mick out of ourselves too (he once proposed to, and was rejected by, a young lady on camera) so nobody feels hard done by” says Brimes, and he explains some of their rankings on the show; “PS3 or Xbox is good game. Atari or Super Nintendo is wack game, then you have some people who are just board games, like Monopoly, which is the worst of all.”

According to Brimes, when he isn’t being hilarious or doing his thing as an MC, eating lots of food is one of his favourite passtimes, despite his slender physique. He is planning a few new things with Brimey Blog, including enhanced production and getting more people involved and says he tries to bring humour to everything that he does. When I ask what he enjoys the most out of all the projects he’s currently involved in, he’s undecided, “I love seeing the twitter love when people are feeling the shows, and when your performing and the crowd is saying your line back to you, that’s amazing too. I’d have to say whatever I’m doing at the time is what I enjoy the most. Right now, I’m looking to get my music career on track, but at the same time I love my comedy and I would like to try TV presenting. If I had my choice I’d be a music artist that appears in films, like 50 Cent, but playing a comical role, I just want to go as far as the wind can take me.”


What do you think about Brimes being on Shipwrecked? Are you a fan of Brimey Blog? Have you ever been on Wh0’s Got Game? Let us know in the comments!



Monica Rahman @lolitalikesit