How To Stop Your Hard Work Going To Waste #IndustryTips

What is your definition of success? Is it material possessions, accolades, or an important title? Success has a different meaning for each person. But what does that look like for you? However you go about measuring success, what you aspire to can be attained by observing the challenges and triumphs of others who have made similar advancements. A success story leaves clues. Clues that can be built on to expand the culture.

Blazing a trail is hard work. But hard work without a plan can leave you running in circles. Lack of planning brings with it uncertainty, worry, stress, and drama. This is a result of not thinking things through or preparing yourself for any unforseen crises. Learning to expect the unexpected is a superpower. A five year plan provides a clear game plan for what you aim to achieve within that timespan. See this as a business plan, as the plan is for your creative endeavours to impact the bottom line. In other words, creativity is your business.

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Your written action plan should be used as a tool to manage your activities. It should include:

1. How you plan to achieve your goals

2. How you plan to market what you create

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