You have a big idea. You see yourself living the dream. You’re motivated by examples around you and stretch your imagination to bring the idea to life. Your end goal gets you so excited and inspired, but you still haven’t taken the first step. If you’ve been waiting for permission, here it is. Just do it! Obvious I know, but how hard can it really be?

Start with an action plan. The time you commit to your plan will be dictated by how important your idea is to you. For action to be effective there needs to be a focus. Focus is the most important part of any plan so take a look at why your idea matters to you and focus on the areas that will bring you the best results. Research just enough information so you can easily implement what is relevant to your end goal. It’s like using a magnifying glass to intensify sunlight to burn a hole in a piece of paper. Understanding this helps you to turn up the heat by using the resources available to you.

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Many leaders in their field fell into their game changing roles. This happens by becoming aware of your likes, strengths, and applying them to get into a flow state. When you are in flow, you are at your most productive. Not only will you work quickly but you will make effective decisions and accomplish things in a shorter amount of time. Eliminate all personal and environmental barriers that could be used as an excuse not to stay focused. Make sure there is as little difficulty as possible to keep going once you start.

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Deb McKoy is the Founder and Consultant at Peppergrain Ltd, London, UK. She began her career as a recording artist, achieving success in the UK national charts before going on to help businesses and individuals maximise their brand.

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Deb McKoy