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In the lyrics to ‘Cold’ Stormzy boldly declares “#Merky the label and I’m coming like Darcus”. But who is Darcus, and why would Stormzy compare himself to someone most fans have never heard of?

Darcus Beese OBE, President of Island Records, is a 25 year music industry veteran responsible for the careers of some of the biggest names in UK music. Darcus puts his success down to, “years of building [a] roster and having acts that end up adding to the culture.”

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A record label’s job is to sell music. Here’s how to do that:

• Have an outstanding USP, including a cash flow forecast for each project.

• Seek legal advice about all aspects of the business. Learn how to adapt to a fast changing industry. Look at how deals are structured and tweak things to make better business sense for the label and the artist.

• Register with royalty collection societies.

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