Everyone needs to be MSoOEazy

When you’ve been in the industry as long as Mdot-E has you’re bound to have made a few contacts along the way, so it comes as no surprise that his latest offering, RC3 boasts a features list that reads like a who’s who in UK music. From Pepstar to Wiley, Lioness to Youngs Teflon, RC3 or Red Carpet 3 is what Mdot-E would call more of a compilation of his most recent work than just a mixtape.

He says, “My album Stress3 had a deliberate theme to it. All the songs were laid-back and relaxed, it had a concept, RC3 is more a way for me to get as much of my music out there as possible and show everyone what I’ve been working on these last few months.”

RC3, as the name suggests is the third in a series of mixtapes and is actually an impressive SEVENTH body of work put out independently by Mdot-E.  The south London rapper started his career seven years ago as a producer and really got into being an artist in 2007 out of necessity. ” It was hard to get people to jump on my beats,’ he says, ” I used to get just bare air, nobody took me seriously so I started spitting on my own tracks and when people heard them, they were like ‘oh! make me a beat.’ “.

Mdot-E has since produced tracks for hoards of rappers and singers including Giggs, Tinchy Stryder and Tinie Tempah, all artists currently signed to major labels, and he believes his breakthrough was producing the anti-gun crime song ‘Head’s Up‘ for South Soldiers, which made it to MTV, and made people finally start taking notice of him as a credible producer. As for the rapping, far from being a way of advertising his production services, the feedback was so positive that increasingly, this is becoming the more dominant part of his work. He says, “I used to be all in-house, producing all my tracks myself, but now that there’s a demand for me as an artist  I’ve had to look elsewhere.”

While Kanye West is an influence career-wise, Mdot-E draws most of his inspiration from his friends, and those close to him, the majority of whom are not other artists, who keep him motivated and give him honest and positive feedback. “At one point I had a little experimentation with house music because I was into it at the time and it was the genre of the moment but my heart wasn’t really into it” he says, “I know now that hip-hop and R&B is definitely where I want to be musically , and right now I would describe my sound as feel-good, easy-listening, relaxing and humble –  Singalong music for the girls.”

His favourite track on RC3 is ‘You Got Me‘ (featuring Troy from girl-group RD and Wizzy Wow) because he got to use a sample of a long-loved SWV track, ‘Anything’ which encapsulates that late 80’s, early 90’s new-jack-swing era of music that he likes so much. RC3 is hopefully going to be a gateway to a few exciting new projects, though the humble Mdot-E keeps his cards close to his chest and wont give too much away, he says he wants to see the reaction to the mixtape first. But whats next for Mdot-E? “I’m up for pretty much anything,I’ve got some live shows planned and a free EP coming later in the year for those who can’t afford to buy RC3, but you never know maybe I’ll end up getting my own reality TV show!”

And you know what? for someone who has come so far with very little support, we believe he could probably turn his hand at anything and be successful. Right now, Mdot-E seems poised to make the next big industry splash.

RC3 is available on itunes today for 7.99.

What do you think of Mdot-E? Have you heard RC3 or any of his other mixtapes? Would you like to see his reality TV show? Do you love Jeremy Kyle as much as he does? Let us know in the comments!