Clout Chasing: Is There A Price For Fame? #IndustryTips

Everybody loves a party. If clout chasers are party promoters, we are their guests.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on social media is bound to have come across the word, clout. This regular topic of discussion describes an individual’s endless pursuit for recognition. But is this something we should all be aspiring to, or avoiding at all costs?

Attention is captured by memorable moments. Influencers, marketers, and great musicians are broadcasting stations recognised for their skill in supplying the public with regular doses of fascination. Used sparingly this can be engaging, but when does too much publicity become a bad thing?

There are occasions when clout is bestowed on to an unsuspecting person simply through a novel moment being captured and going viral. A number of hit songs have come from such internet sensations who have used the spotlight to make as much money in as many ways as possible. Arguably these individuals weren’t necessarily clout chasing, but became consumed by clout-like behaviour on receiving unexpected fame. We’ve all become very familiar with the storyline at this point in which a formula is rinsed and repeated in publicity stunts, reality shows, and any offer that promises the allure of the spotlight, often leading to oversaturation and extinction.

In the UK Rap: The Big Winner In The DrakePusha T Beef article we followed a timeline of events sparked by Kanye West’s return to Twitter which created clout for all involved. The article explores how each individual was able to leverage the huge amount of attention being garnered for greater influence.

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Deb McKoy