Artists Who Give More, Get More! | #IndustryTips

A rise in high profile collaborations has seen artists generating a huge portion of their income from ventures outside of music. Artists are making their presence felt in the world fashion, television, film, gaming, even banking. The more people an artist can be exposed to enables them to share more of what they have to offer. These deals cleverly use the artist’s unique appeal to bring more credibility to the partnering brand.

Growing up I was told never to give anything expecting something in return. “You don’t give to get” was the exact phrase. Giving for any kind of gain was seen as being manipulative, and as a way of bribing someone into doing something they wouldn’t otherwise have done. My commercial experience has brought me to a slightly different conclusion. I am now of the opinion that something has to be offered in order for you to get what you want.

The advice I was given as a child was a lesson in altruism. Altruism is when a selfless act is carried out to benefit others. However, using your talents and abilities to reach the largest amount of people actually increases your value and goes far beyond a random act of kindness.

The best performers in the world know this to be true. Only a amateur would give a half hearted performance expecting great energy back from the crowd. We’ve all witnessed the embarrassment of an artist giving a lack lustre performance expecting the audience to vibe with them. How would that even be possible if they haven’t given anything?

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Deb McKoy