Art For Art’s Sake

An art exhibition often falls into two wildly different camps. Either its poorly attended and little money is exchanged, or it is packed to the rafters by ‘society’ people who pretend to have some kind of profound insight into the work – even if it is something silly like a light switch with 2 buttons (wow).

The great thing about art though, is that it is constantly evolving and becoming smarter and good art can often transcend time and be adapted to 2011 easily, even if the ideas stem from Ancient Greece. One great example of burgeoning new art, including the above illustration by Cong Sang, is the LCC Final Year Degree Show – an annual exhibition throughout the  building, that showcases the final work of undergraduates at the London College of Communication, the ‘media’ arm of University of the Arts London. During my time there as a student, there were various random things we came across masquerading as art on the way to the Student Union bar  – from an old vandalised phone box to a full battle tableau posed by toy soldiers who had their guns replaced by placards bearing slogans for peace.

Sadly, this years degree show finished last week, but fear not, the internet is a wonderful place and 3 of the participants of 2011’s Graphic and Media Design course had the bright idea of creating a website where you could still see the final pieces from all the students on their course at your leisure. So, click here to see all the quirky and clever projects and helpfully, each page contains contact details for the artist making it easier for you to commission/buy anything that takes your fancy before these on-the-cusp graduates become the next Banksy or Damien Hirst. You can imagine stark white walls, cheap wine and ‘artsy types’ dressed in black if it helps you to feel more ‘gallery-like’.

Enjoy the exhibition, but I must ask that you check out Vanessa Yeo’s page, as one part of her work is my absolute favourite thing in the whole degree show, check it out below.

FacebookLIVE from Vanessa Yeo on Vimeo.