3 Reasons Why Your Music Won’t Sell #IndustryTips

We all sell – be it our ideas, goods, or some aspect of ourselves. If people don’t value what you sell you cannot give it away. But when they really want what you have they will go to any extent to have it. Selling is about more than having the gift of the gab. It’s a kind act that involves listening closely enough to give people what they really want. Your job is to communicate in a language your audience understands. But how do you start the conversation?


1. Audience
Your audience are your potential buyers. You attract an audience by offering something of interest to them. You can ‘build and they will come’ allowing yourself to be discovered organically over a period of time, or you can proactively seek them out. Your target audience can be found using online methods searching relevant keywords, hashtags, and identifying fans of your close competitors. Bring awareness to yourself by connecting with your audience in a meaningful way, showing them why they should buy from you, and focusing on key issues they are facing. Be clear in what you communicate as mixed messages can become confusing and drive people away making it hard to connect with the audience down the line.

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2. Engagement
You’ve attracted a tribe around a single topic, now engage them. Make them feel part of a community, a movement. This starts with understanding the needs of the community and evaluating their thoughts, beliefs, and problems. Learn as much as you can about your audience and know them better than anyone else does. Build personable relationships via social media, real life interactions, newsletters etc. Next, share information or entertainment. Creating the right content allows you to put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

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Deb McKoy is the Founder and Consultant at Peppergrain Ltd, London, UK. She began her career as a recording artist, achieving success in the UK national charts before going on to help businesses and individuals maximise their brand.

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