11 Ways To Monetise Periscope And Gain Followers

11 Ways To Monetise Periscope And Gain Followers

1. The first step to monetising Periscope is to stream content that is relevant to what you sell – music, books, merchandise… You can also share relevant ‘how to’ broadcasts, behind the scenes, and live product demos

2. Engage your audience by telling stories and answering questions in your broadcast. Whilst engaging encourage viewers to share contact information which can be captured for your mailing list

3. Have a team to share your website during your stream where people can buy your products and offers at a discount every time you stream

4. Have promo codes named after each your streamed broadcasts and tell viewers to use the promo code. This way you can track where your sales come from

5. At the end of every Periscope stream direct viewers to your online shop where they can buy products related to your stream

6. Reward people with shout outs on the stream if they share a screenshot on Twitter etc. This will help to drive more attention and sales

7. Encourage viewers to share your broadcast with their followers by stating a number of views required before you get started or continue with your stream

8. Be consistent with regular live streams and remain consistent with your brand across all social media platforms. Regularly engage in conversations on other broadcasts and share some hearts

periscope hearts

9. Periscope is linked to your Twitter account which notifies your Twitter followers of your live broadcasts. Remind viewers to follow you so they can be notified of your future broadcasts via the Periscope app. You can also download and share your Periscope streams on YouTube and other monetized platforms

10. Have a plan – title and have a theme for each stream along with frequently scheduled streams to build up followers, excitement, and suspense

11. Share broadcasts by other Periscopers with your followers. You can even direct your followers to mention that they were sent by you. This will publicise your popularity and keep things fun and interactive with your followers

What has your experience been with Periscope so far?

Deb McKoy