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This week we explore how Nicki Minaj creates the most unique customer experience for her fans.


Law of Indie Success #5 Customer Experience

No matter what genre of music you make remember you are in the ‘fan business’ because your business is to attract, make money from, and retain fans. You can only succeed in business if you attract, make money from, and retain fans. The way in which you reach that goal will vary, but the goal is the same. However, the key to success is in knowing what you are doing and who you are doing it for.


Your fans are your customers, so remember to create an all consuming experience for them. Treat your fans like they are the most important people in the world or they will find someone who does. Become a friend. Give your fans what they want and more.


nicki minaj


Nicki Minaj has positioned herself as a superstar and she is very fan-friendly. Unlike some celebrities who get upset about fans approaching them or having to do meet and greets, Nicki Minaj (who affectionately refers to her fans as ‘Barbz’ in reference to her Barbie image) beckons ladies to the stage at her shows, brandishing a marker for boob-signing sessions. Always focused on the experience she is creating for her fans, Nicki Minaj understands the business she is in.


Are you doing enough to make your fans feel important?


Having fans is a privilege. Without them you would have no money and no reason to exist as an artist. Getting fans and looking after them so well that they want to buy from you repeatedly and tell their friends about you is your sole purpose when marketing your music brand.


You can find Nicki Minaj on her social media outlets interacting with fans at any given time and when seen out and about, she is just as approachable as she is online. Her love for her fans gives her the ability to stay in touch with what her music and her brand means. Barbz, are mainly female and/or gay youth, who, due to her reversal of female stereotypes, see her as a model of female empowerment. This embodiment of female empowerment means Nicki beats the boys at their own game, as demonstrated on Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ (featuring Rick Ross and Jay-Z), a track which fans unanimously decided she had the best verse.

The emotional connection Nicki has with fans is exciting and unique. Long gone are the colourful wigs, flamboyant outfits and wild alter-egos, with Nicki now opting for a more natural style, however the overall brand experience is just as fierce, maintaining a close relationship with her fans in everything she does. She recently posted a picture of a fan with her name tattooed on her chest (how’s that for a lifelong commitment to your idol?) but she isn’t the only fan with dedicated body art.


Do your fans find you exciting enough?


“Everything I do, I do with business in my head. If you’re not savvy, this business will eat you alive. A lot of people see it as a big party. And when that party is up, what are you going to do?”


Nicki Minaj treats her fans like close friends. When she was about to release the Anaconda video she asked her fans if it she should put it out that night or the next day. The replies were hilarious, to which Nicki responded, “Oh my god. My fans have an attitude.”


Customer service forms the experience you create for fans. As an artist you are the first point of call in your business, so create an unforgettable experience in everything you do. Step into your fans’ shoes and think about the type of experience you would want. Plan the experience of their journey from the point of them first interacting with you, right through to when that interaction stops. Create a memorable one that will leave your fans wanting more. By extending the length of your fans’ experience with you, you have a greater chance of building a stronger relationship with them.



What experience are you creating for your fans?



In October 2010, Nicki made history by featuring on seven different singles in the Hot 100 chart. She has received a whole host of music awards including a total of six Grammy nominations and two American Music Awards. In 2011 she won her first MTV Video Music Award. She won another award for Best Female Video the following year . In 2015 she won Best Hip-Hop Video for “Anaconda”. Nicki Minaj is the first and only female rapper to win the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards award six years in a row.


On September 29th 2015 Nicki had her 20 million Twitter followers on the edge of their seats after sending out a tweet using the hashtag #NickSurprise which became a trending topic worldwide. An hour later Nicki Minaj revealed news of a new scripted comedy series to be aired on cable network ABC Family based on her life growing up in Queens, New York during the 1990s. Nicki Minaj will Executive Produce and star in the show.


As with every successful artist, none of Nicki’s great accomplishments could have been achieved without the support of her fans.


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