What If

What if DJ Kool Herc never started to spin

What if Russell and Rick never met and became friends

What if the Grandmaster’s instrument of choice was a guitar, do you think this culture called hip hop could have gone this far

What if Moe Dee never went head to head with Busy Bee

What if Kurtis didn’t Blow and Sugar Hill wasn’t a record label, it was just a movie

What if the ladies didn’t Love Cool James, do you think the game would still be the same

What if MC Shan didn’t hold it down and rep for Q.B

What if KRS One was from Brooklyn and fell to Shan in defeat

What if the God M.C. wasn’t an MC Instead he was a preacher, do you think cats like Shawn Carter and Nasir Jones would’ve listened and followed the leader

What if Run and the Jam Master didn’t hook up with Dee

What if the boyz weren’t fat and still known as the Disco 3

What if Afrika Bambaataa didn’t introduce us to planet rock, do you think street poets and hustlers would have been given a sure shot

What if Slick Rick didn’t master the art of storytelling

What if Kane didn’t work and get the job done, instead he was a career felon

What if no one listened or paid attention to Mel’s message about the inner city block

Well they did pay attention and after almost 30 years into it I thank you all and this is my ode to hip hop.



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Deb McKoy