Two For Tuesday

No, sadly not pizza, but something just as moreish, and something that’ll make you just as happy, today can exclusively reveal the launch of TWO brand spanking new websites that are sure to become staples in your browser history.

First up we have the launch of Yes, that weekly show you all know and love  – and sometimes disagree with- is now going to be launched as a stand-alone website. What does this mean for Hardest Bars I hear you ask? Well today is actually the launch of season 3 of the show and one half of the presenting team, Joey Clipstar, assures me that the regular Monday schedule will continue and the format will be pretty much the same, though they are going to ‘try a few different things throughout the season to get a bit more variety’. So what bought about the idea for a Joey says,  “The idea basically from us wanting to improve the whole movement, each season we wanna come back with some thing bigger and better and more time the selection is so wide to pick a top 5 from, this way we can jus include everything. is jus progressing what we already do on the show, which is to broadcast people’s talented lyrics. With the website it jus means we can broadcast more than 5 at a time, and also it means we can post daily instead of a round up of the week.

When I ask Joey what will make different to other video sharing websites that already exist he says, “Grime daily or Linkup broadcast talent they feel like showing, whereas with us we want to create a platform where everyone can have a chance to show their talent and skills on the mic, there isn’t really anyone out there doing that right now.

Like the show, the website will showcase mainly lyrics from rap songs, but there will be scope for singers, poets and anyone else who think they have a ‘hard bar’ to be featured. Alongside featuring the hardest bars show, the website will also have daily hardest videos and a download section.

Secondly, we have the launch of, the hottest new brand out in the streets. You may have been wondering where everyone was getting the cult brand from but wonder no more! At you’ll be able to browse a selection of styles, colours and sizes featuring the iconic brand name, and a little birdie – ok its Joey again- tells me that their winter range is going to experiment with fabrics and designs, to bring you a whole new exciting and fresh take on the brand.

In fact Hardest Bars and Obviously Clothing actually both share a parent agency, and that little ‘HB” you see on the side of the Obviously logo actually stands for Hardest Bars. Joey explains, “they approached us and we really liked their designs and ideas so we were honoured to have the HB logo at the side of the Obviously sign on their tops.

Alongside the new website, Obviously are also stepping up their selling campaign. “It’s already been really successful because we keep selling out,” says Memz, one of the team behind Obviously, “The campaign at the moment is to build as much awareness to Obviously through the partnership with hardest bars, and also getting the fans involved, so make sure you get out there in your Obviously tops, take lots of pics and help build the excitement around our brand!”

You can also keep a look out for Obviously somewhere near you soon, Memz says “The Obviously street team is being recruited up right now, and once a strong group is assembled, they’ll be going around to all major shopping centres and towns selling and spreading the Obviously ethos which is ‘these are the rules that we live by.’

So there you have it folks, a double whammy for the summer solstice, TWO fantastic new websites for your browsing pleasure and two great ways you can get involved and become part of a movement before it blows up and its too late to say you knew them when.

To get involved with contact either Joey or Bar4Bar on twitter and be sure to check out both websites as soon as you finish reading this!