It’s Been Too Long And We’re Lost Without You

25th of August 2001 was that fateful day when singer and actress Aaliyah died alongside eight others in a plane crash, returning from her video shoot for ‘Rock the Boat’ in the Bahamas. Ten years on the loss of that great talent, who was truly on the cusp of fulfilling all her potential, is still felt as no female artist since has really captured that cool, sexy, effortless total-package credibility – though Rihanna has given it a good go. Even on twitter, where people love to tweet RIP willy nilly whether or not they were fans of the dead celebrity, the tributes have been touching and heartfelt.

Fans spent all day tweeting their favourite videos and lyrics of the 22-year-old star, and close friend and producer Missy Elliott tweeted Aaliyah til this very day u r still in Your own Lane! Ure music is Timeless! We miss u! #WeLoveuAaliyah!’ Celebrities such as Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, Keri Hilson, Mary J Blige, Russell Simmons and many more also tweeted their tributes to the tragic songstress, who at the time of her death was engaged to Roc-A-Fella co-founder Damon Dash.

Aaliyah’s untimely passing, like so many other artists deaths, cut short what would have surely been a long and fruitful career. She was set to play the lead role in the film that helped to propel Jessica Alba‘s Hollywood profile, Honey and had already filmed her part in Matrix:Reloaded. Her music had gone from strength to strength and she was just beginning to get the recognition for the work she had been putting in from the tender age of 14. I remember the day I found out about her death, I had just watched a special episode of Trevor Nelson‘s The Lick on MTV Base where he interviewed Aaliyah about her self-titled new album and film projects. Hours later the news broke of her death. Shock gave way to just trying to be appreciative of how little time we all have left and understanding that everyone has a time so we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it and aim for happiness above all else. RIP Aaliyah.

Here is my  favourite Aaliyah song of all time, enjoy!



What are your favourite Aaliyah songs? Do you remember where you were when you found about her death? What other artists do you think were gone too soon? Let us know in the comments!