Peppergrain Catch Up: Emile Thompson

Good Afternoon Folks, I trust by now you have all caught up on the first episode of No I.D’s second semester which we posted earlier this week, so today we bring you a quick catch-up with director of the series, Emile Thompson.

The first thing you may have noticed while watching the new episode, is that it all seems a bit different, almost like a new show, Emilie explains, “We have a whole new cast this time round with only two original characters returning, one of them being Labels, and this is partly because the action has moved locations  – from UEL to Hertfordshire University – and also because I wanted to show how different characters would react in situations similar to those bought up in the last series.”

Emile also says the show will stay true its beginnings and continue to address pressing issues while ‘skipping the cliches’ but this time round the dilemmas the characters face will be on a broader scale and the storylines will be interwoven more. This means there will be a seamless transition from the way characters connect on-screen, to the plot stemming off and following their own personal stories. And if you’re missing the original cast, or wondering how they fared after the dramatic finale, fear not – there will be cameos from the major players of the first series to tie up any loose ends.

Sadly, the second semester of No I.D looks set to be the final one as Emile admits it ‘might be time to graduate after this one’ but it wont be the last you’ll hear of the talented Hackney resident. He says, “I start shooting the Uri Project (which we mentioned in our last interview with Emile) towards the end of the month, and although we last saw him helping to kill someone on-screen, this project will focus more on his backstory. “

So there you have it guys, make sure you tune in to all six episodes of the new series here, because this might be your last chance to experience uni life through the ‘strange and twisted’ vision of it’s director (his words not mine). Have a great weekend everybody and we’ll catch you on the other side.


Monica Rahman