Meet The Adebanjo’s Live!


You know when you really enjoy a sitcom and then you have to wait ages for the second series to appear? Yeah, that really sucks. Unless, the lovely producers of said sitcom decide to give you a live version to keep you going in between! Yes that’s right, award-winning sitcom Meet The Adebanjos is coming live to you at Catford’s Broadway Theatre this Friday and Saturday and there are two fantastic reasons why you should go down.

Firstly, the amazing cast will be joined by our very own Tboy aka Don’t Jealous Me, reprising his role as Cousin Femi, and the only thing better than watching Tboy’s videos, is seeing the man live in the flesh (trust me he’s a really lovely guy).

And, if you need another reason to be persuaded to go and see the show, the Saturday matinee is available at a reduced price, £10 for under 16’s and £16 for adults! I can’t think of a cheaper or more entertaining, family-friendly way to forget that summer has abandoned London to avoid the Olympics. Click here to get your value tickets now, because they are selling pretty fast. (Choose 3pm and Circle to get the great-priced seats)

Above all, go and see Meet The Adebanjo’s this weekend, you definitely wont be disappointed and if you’re there on Friday you might even bump into a Peppergrain Exec or two. Have a brilliant day everyone, buy your tickets and don’t leave your house without an umbrella.


Monica Rahman