Maya Angelou Taught Me – Life lessons to apply to your brand

Mentor to one of the world’s biggest brands, Oprah Winfrey, Angelou’s inspiring words are a testament to her enduring legacy.

maya-angelou If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be . quote

maya-angelou Talent is like electricity. We don't understand electricity. We use it. quote

maya-angelou We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated. quote

Still I Rise

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

~ Maya Angelou

maya-angelou Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. quote
maya-angelou Dignity really means that I deserve the best treatment I can receive, that I have the responsibility to give the best treatment to others. quotemaya-angelou All great achievements require time. quote
maya-angelou Have enough courage to love. quote

Deb McKoy