Life In A Day


Good morning everyone, this video isn’t new or exclusive and many of you may have even seen it (it has well over two million views) but it was bought to my attention by my personal guardian of good taste,  Alexandra Steels, and I found it captivating. I urge you all to take the time to watch this too, even if you can’t commit to all of it at once, its brilliant. Ridley Scott partnered with LG and Youtube to create this film, which is the product of over 80,000 youtube submissions of people chronicling their experience of 24th July 2010. I’ve neevr seen anything quite like it and I’m sure you will all enjoy it as much as me. Alternatively, if you are reading this post with only 10 minutes to spare I urge you to enter the map on Youtube, that is also pretty cool and you can win a new car. Either way have a great day all of you.


Monica Rahman