Jessie J – Doing It For The UK

In a recent interview with sbtv Jessie J showed real emotion when speaking about her newfound superstar status, describing it as 'going from room to room'. She went on to say that the bigger you become as a star, the smaller your world becomes. Jessie won the Critics' Choice prize at the Brits last month whilst knocking Lady Gaga off the top spot to assume a number one position in the same week.

Always staying true to her roots, Jessie says she plans to record a mixtape with some of her favourite UK rappers, many of whom she's already worked with, saying she wants to rep for the UK. Her aims to crack America include wanting to have UK music played on American radio as much as American music is played over here. A big statement from one of music's hottest properties who describes herself as just a normal girl from Essex.

We wish Jessie J all the best for the future. Her talent truly has the abilty to fulfill her intentions. After all, with the support of her loyal fans she reached the number one UK chart position without the assistance of radio play. Urban music is making massive moves. What do you think of Jessie J's aims?

Deb McKoy