Important Unfamous Auditon Info


Good Morning Everybody!

The Unfamous Auditions are only one day away now, and I’m sure you all have lots of questions. Whats the order of events going to be? How do i get there? Who do I need to bribe to get a part? Well fear no more, because I’m about to fill you all in about whats going down.

  • Arrive for 11 am, the audition panel (Scotty, Vexy and Yakes) will be delivering a short briefing and answering any questions you may have. (this might also be the point where you would offer a bribe if you’re that way inclined)
  • By 11.20, you will begin to be registered and sign the release forms to consent to backstage filming, and auditions will begin straight away. Please don’t forget your audition forms.
  • 1 take productions will be filming, so make sure you are ready for your close-up.
  • Auditions will carry on through the day and we’re aiming to finish by 6, so make sure you arrive nice and early if you are intent on being seen. There will be lunch at 1pm for 45 minutes and a 15-minute break at 4 pm.
  • A caterer will be on -site between 1:00 and 2:30. Please bring a packed lunch with you if you don’t wish to buy food on the day, as there are no shops in the immediate area.
  • The nearest station to the audition space is South Bermondsey, which is one stop away from either London Bridge or Queens Road Peckham. From the station it is roughly a ten minute walk, but you can take the P12 bus to Millwall football ground if you are feeling lazy. A map is included below. Alternatively people can drop you off, but we must stress there is no parking available.

So good luck everybody, start rehearsing your monologues, enjoy your day and keep your fingers crossed for a callback. And obviously I was joking about those bribes. Kind of.

Here is the map and the address; 3A Juno Way, London, SE14 5RW.

Any enquiries please email

The Unfamous Online Series is sponsored by This Is UK Rap

Monica Rahman