“I Live, Eat and Breathe Music.”


The first thing you notice about Augustin “Gus” Hennecker is that without being able to pinpoint the exact reason why, he just looks like he belongs in a band. Maybe it’s the hair or something…anyway, 20 year-old Gus from Brussels has been in London since late last year and was the last member to join the band, playing the drums.

Currently studying music at university, Gus has been playing music from the tender age of six. “I went to a gig with my mum and there was a really good and talented drummer who was playing that night. When I left the venue, I said to my mum: “I want to play that instrument!” and that’s how I started to play the drums.”

He cites Dave Grohl as one of his inspirations because “He’s the kind of guy who never stops. Obviously he played with Nirvana, now he’s the front man of Foo Fighters and he helped a lot in regards to the creation of the albums. He also played with Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures and he plays the guitar and bass as well as the drums.”

It’s easy to see why Grohl is an influence on Gus, as he also seems to be a bit more than just a drummer. “I enjoy writing music on my own, as well as with the band and I also play a bit of keyboard. In fact, Gus has a wide range of musical interests. “I’m influenced by so many things. I study music so we are “forced” to play and listen to a lot of different types of music. I like music that sounds good and makes me happy. I’m not really into metal but if I had to say a few styles that I’m listening to, it would be indie, pop, rock, alternative, rap, progressive rock, experimental, dance, electronic, funk, and much more. I live, eat and breathe music all day.”

If he wasn’t a musician, Gus says he’d be involved in the industry in another way, producing, managing or engineering, even now he has a job on the side that keeps him connected to music. “I work at the Hammersmith Apollo right now. This is the best job ever. I get to see all the gigs for free and sometimes I work at the afterparties so I meet a lot of interesting people and have free drinks!”

For someone who moved to London without any family or friends or much English, not knowing what was going to happen, Gus seems to have found his feet quite quickly. He says he lives, eats and breathes music, and that his philosophy on life, especially apt in the music business, is that “nobody ever fails at something, they just give up trying” and for someone who confidently describes himself as “fucking awesome” it doesn’t seem that he’s going to do anything of the sort anytime soon.

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Photo courtesy of www.Mariskeva.com