How To Be A Top Studio Engineer #IndustryTips

“The Executive Producer is the water rinsing and preparing the car…

The Producer is the soap washing the car…

The Engineer is the wax on the car, adding the shine and polish so you can make heads turn…

The Artist is the driver…!”  – Fumez The Engineer

In a fascinating studio session with Fumez The Engineer it was clear to see why an engineer might be one of the most important people in the music making process. A permanent fixture in every recording session, a good engineer can turn a bedroom recording into a chart hit.

He’s mixed a whole host of prominent songs on the scene including, ‘Round Here’, ‘Pull Up, Hop Out, Bang’, and Cadet – Ooouuu, along with his work on Mic Check and Behind Barz for Link Up TV. Aged 14, Fumez discovered his passion for music at a local youth club. Within a few years he became Managing Director of Pressplay-UK. Press Play positioned Fumez to compete with the big players and fuelled his passion for music igniting a competitive streak to set him apart from other engineers.

One of the only engineers to have a voice tag on his recordings, Fumez describes his style as ‘distinctive’. A broad term to encapsulate the mix down, effects used, and what he can get out of the artist. He adds, “you’ll know it was done by me before the end of the song.”

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Deb McKoy