Go Ghetts

This has been one of  the most exciting weeks in Grime, and Ghetts doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. For those of you who may have been in a coma it all started on Sunday night when MTV announced who they felt were the UK’s Top 10 MCs:

1. Tinie Tempah

2. Dizzee Rascal

3. Skepta

4. Professor Green

5. Wiley

6. Giggs

7. Devlin

8. P Money

9. D Double E

10. Chipmunk & Lowkey

MCs were judged on the following:

· Buzz – Which MCs created the most attention online, on radio, on TV and in the streets?

· Impact – Who were the most successful? Which MCs influenced the scene commercially and on the underground?

· MCing ability – Whose lyrics, flow, delivery and content were the best?

· Acclaim – Which MCs got the most ratings from DJs, journalists, critics and the fans?

· Swagger – Which MCs set trends, introduced new styles and sounds, as well as elevating themselves to new levels?

Nobody could have accounted for what Ghetts was about to do in response to not being included on the list. (See video below).

After dropping the ‘Who’s On The Panel’ audio on DJ Logan Sama’s Kiss FM radio show, Ghetts became a trending topic on Twitter having eager fans awaiting the accompanying video until 5am the following morning. Bear in mind this had all taken place in less than 24 hours – list announced, song written, video shot and fans being sent into a frenzy. I’d say that definitely ticks box number one in the judging criteria for the MTV’s UK Top MC list.

The ‘Who’s On The Panel’ video received over 100k views in less than 48 hours and with Ghetts tweeting every step of the way, fans were now urging him to get some sleep, but this relentless underground superstar wasn’t done yet and released this on grimedaily.com at 6pm yesterday.

What a week in Grime. What a week in music. I have never witnessed anything like this in UK music – I don’t want it to stop. Ghetts is a marketing genius and deserves all the attention he’s receiving, and deserved it way before dropping ‘Who’s On the Panel’. The fans have voted, and it seems their choice of Top UK MC is very different to that of MTV.

‘Who’s On the Panel’ download plus bonus track http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/whos-on-the-panel-single/id422793098

Deb McKoy