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artist branding - the secret to music industry success by deb mckoy


Iconic artists aren’t born; they’re created through a set of characteristics that make them unique. Some artists are lucky enough to slip through the net unaware that they have in fact branded themselves; however, many don’t and fall to the wayside. With fewer record labels allocating budgets for artist development most acts receive very little help in understanding and pinpointing key qualities vital to fully engaging an audience.

Your artist brand is the sum of all the characteristics that make you appealing to fans. Spend the time to get to know what value you offer, highlight and communicate these key qualities, and align them with what music fans want to hear – be the voice of a generation.

Artist branding is everything you do, big or small, including your artwork and visuals, how you interact with fans, your social media bio, right down to your website order form.

Artist Branding –The Secret To Music Industry Success guides you in filling the gaps in what you offer in the marketplace by using real life examples together with a series of questions and exercises so you too can find your niche. Whether you’re looking to sign a recording deal or go it alone, you will only succeed once you fully grasp the points laid out in this free eBook.


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