Deja Vu (Short Film by @rascalsofficial) #Halloween Special

Main Cast
Kay Wills as himself
Big Shizz as himself
Merkz as himself
Tempz as himself
Gary – Lusion

Featured Cast
Dot Rotton
Big Swingz
Joey Clipstar

Supporting Cast
Masked guy in alleyway – Mems

Natasha Kamanga
Rikkisha Campbell
Sheniz Makwana
Jessy Say’na
Shakira ‘Scotty Unfamous’ Scott
Jordan Scott

Director – Deb McKoy
Assistant Directors  – Rick Frost & Jordan Scott
Executive Producer – Corey Johnson
Editor – Media Sharks
Producer – Deb McKoy
Director of Photography – Rick Frost
2nd Camera Man – Jordan Scott
Assistant Producer – Shakira ‘Scotty Unfamous’ Scott
Associate Producer – Joey Clipstar
Audio Mastering – Frosted Ice Inc
Writers – Rascals (Kay Wills, Big Shizz, Merks, Tempz), Deb McKoy

Tell Em – Big Swingz, Goldie 1, Big Shizz, Kay Wills & Squeeks

Keys – Big Shizz, Manga, Mercston and Double S- TuttiRiddem & Merkz Tempz and Shizz

Knights Over Egypt – Rascals/Class 90 ft Lil Simms

Aint Involved – Kay wills, Tempz, maxsta and Merkz

Faces – Rascals/Class 90

My Different – Big Narstie,  Big Shizz & Marcus Merkz

The Streets – Kay wills, J. Clarke (Ghetts), Lunar C and Tempz

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Deb McKoy