Deeper Than Rap: Fly Boy E

“My track ‘What Should I Do’ is about keeping the motivation to achieve your goals despite all the negativity around you, and believing that even when life gives you a hard knock to your confidence, you just have to keep on going. Where I’m from, people have a lot to contend with; high levels of crime, loss of life and general problems in the family and resisting all the negative influences can be really difficult – impossible sometimes. I think its important to keep busy to keep away from it all – I go to university and box, as well as making my music, but even when you’re not around all the destruction you can easily get caught in the crossfire. One of the things that heavily affected my outlook on life – and the track – was the murder of my brothers’ friend. He was only 21 and he was stabbed to death over a money dispute and it was such a shock because he was such a humble guy, never causing trouble and mainly he kept himself to himself. It might sound silly, but he was such a big guy, intimidating looking even, and you would never expect something like that, something so random, to happen to him. It was so unexpected and it really hit home that you should never take life for granted. I believe we dictate our own destinies, so the next time you’re in a situation thinking ‘What should I do?’ bear in mind that tomorrow is never promised you need to make the right choice, now.”

To check out Fly Boy E’s video for ‘What Should I Do‘, directed by Wize, click here