Casting Call For Unfamous Series

Following the success of 77,000+ reads online the Unfamous book series is being made into a webseries. Auditions are less than a month away so here is a list of the main cast members, their backgrounds and personality traits to help you decide which part you’re going for:

Rio Greene
Age: 18
Background: She is best friends with Tyson (and is secretly in love with him) and has been since they were little as their mums are best friends too. She was a nobody in college until she started dating Nathaniel. When she was 16 she got pregnant for Nathaniel but had an abortion which added strain to their relationship. Shortly after that he cheated on her with the ‘it’ girl at their college Georgia. They broke up and she didn’t see him till a year later at uni.
The break up really affected her and in her eyes it confirmed that she wasn’t they type of girl that belonged with a boy of Nate’s calibre; Georgia is. She reinvents herself when she starts uni so that she can be one of those girls. Currently a Socialite.
Personality:  She’s very insecure, a romantic, a little nerdy, a little desperate, dramatic, emotional, an attention seeker, and is prone to overthinking everything.

Tyson James
Age: 18
Background: Rio’s best friend. He’s been madly in love with her for years but she keeps turning him down for the sake of their friendship. He did date her for a month when they were 14 but at the time it didn’t work out. He’ll do pretty much anything for Rio. He despises Nathaniel. He is a graphic designer (Nexus Designs).
Personality: “The boy next door”, playful, funny, flirtatious, loving, easily jealous (when it comes to Rio).

Nathaniel Gibson
Age: 19
Background: “Mr Popularity” from a relatively wealthy background. Met Rio in college at the library and after taking the time to get to know her he asked her out. When Rio fell pregnant he wanted her to keep the baby but she didn’t and that hurt him a lot. He cheated on Rio with Georgia and felt so bad about it that he confessed and begged for her forgiveness but she said no. Rio is the only girl he’s ever loved. He lives on his own, drives, is the ACS president and also a music producer.
Personality: A little arrogant, a playboy, a gentleman, passionate, sweet, friendly, can be cold and detached, impulsive.

Georgia Daniels
Age: 18
Background: The ‘It’ girl. Friend of Nathaniel’s. Used to date Carter Johnson but always wanted Nathaniel but he wasn’t interested. She never knew who Rio was until Nate started dating her and she instantly dislikes her because she feels she is better than Rio and that she is the type of girl who is supposed to be with Nathaniel. When Nate turned to her for comfort after Rio upset him she jumped at the chance to sleep with him and dumped Carter. She knows that Nate only likes her enough to sleep with her/date her from time to time, but she loves him so she doesn’t care and is constantly thinking of ways to make him hers. She is a model.
Personality: Bitchy, arrogant, attention seeker, mean girl, has a soft side, conceited, obsessed with social status and very materialistic.

Age: 19
Background: Fontaine is a free spirited, bi-sexual, model. She is half Italian and half Dominican. She has been in love once with a girl called Nadia who broke her heart. Dates Leon for a while. One of Rio’s uni friends.
Personality: Optimistic, dreamer, open-minded, wise, warm, kind-hearted, spontaneous, party girl, friendly.

Age: 18
Background: Like Rio, Carmen wants to be an Unfamous but she appears less desperate. Her aim is to be an ‘It’ girl. She is into Tyson’s friend Amari and will go to any length to make sure no other girl gets in her way when it comes to him. She is a socialite. One of Rio’s uni friends.
Personality: Loud, funny, tactical thinker, manipulative, a little ghetto, insecure, boy crazy, attitude problem, envious.

Hideyoshi (Hid-day-yo-shi)/Yoshi
Age: 18
Background: Art student specialising in Anime/Manga. Japanese background. Yoshi was raised in an urban environment so she has ‘black’ character traits. Dating Ace; he is violent towards her. One of Rio’s uni friends.
Personality: The quiet one, submissive, expresses her wild side through her clothing, urban.

Age: 18
Background: From a Ghanaian background. She is a self-proclaimed fashionista and very promiscuous. In her 1st week at Brompton she sleeps with 4 boys including Tyson. Rio kicks her out of her clique after finding out about her sexual endeavours so Sandra joins forces with Georgia.
Personality: Gossip, boy crazy, beg-friend.

Age: 19
Background: One half of Moonlight Ents, DJ Coolie G. Dating Carmen.
Personality: Arrogant playboy.

Age: 20
Background: One half of Moolight Ents, he’s the promoter. Dating Yoshi. History of domestic violence.
Personality: Personable, generally friendly but temperamental.

Carter Johnson
Age: 21
Background: Attends Herring uni. Used to date Georgia till she left him for Nate. He’s a drug dealer and can be very dangerous if he needs to be so people tend not to cross him. He has an off-beat romantic interest in Rio and is a it protective of her. Father of Georgia’s baby.
Personality:Cryptic, intimidating, dangerous, mysterious, calculating, honest, controlling.

Age: 18
Background: Attends Herring uni, dates Tyson, doesn’t like Rio that much
Personality: Bubbly, clingy, territorial

Jade Washington
Age: 22
Background: The most sought after boy within the Unfamous circle, labelled ‘King of the Unfamous’. He’s in his final year at Herring uni and is a high paid international male model. No one really knows Jade for who he really is; he has a lot of dark secrets that he doesn’t want to get out so he doesn’t really get close to anyone. When he encounters Rio he has a motive but the fact that she keeps denying him intrigues him so he becomes more persistent and actually starts to like her.
Personality: Arrogant, vain, conceited, self-involved, self-destructive, notorious womaniser, spoilt, party boy, secretive, enigmatic.

Age: 19
Background: Tyson’s friend. Comedian.
Personality: Funny

Age: 18
Background: Tyson’s friend. YouTube show host ‘Da Shaq Attack’
Personality: Loud mouth

Age: 18
Background: Tyson’s friend. Korean. Clothing designer ‘Tokio Rain’
Personality: Laid back

Age: 20
Background: Tyson’s friend.  Professional street dancer
Personality: Hyperactive

Age: 19
Background: Tyson’s friend. Socialite.
Personality: Party boy

Age: 20
Background: Tyson’s friend. MC: D-Man
Personality:  A little hostile.

Age: 21
Background: Carter’s friend. African. Dates Fontaine for a while.
Personality: Show-off (flashy)

The auditions will be held at 11am, on the 19th and 20th of May 2012.
3A Juno Way
SE14 5RW

On the audition panel will be the writer of The Unfamous books (Scotty Unfamous), the casting director: Miss Vexy (writer of the Vex in the City blog, and one of the creators of the new online series ‘Venus VS Mars’) and the director: Yakes (owner of the Last Laugh Theatre Company). All can be found on Twitter: @ScottyUnfamous @VexInTheCityUK @YakesDaWriter.

  • The day will begin by you being informed about the Unfamous project and what the expectations are of the people taking part. At this point you will also be able to ask any questions you may have.
  • You will be required to provide your COMPLETED audition application form, which you can download here
  • When you enter the audition room a brief interview will be conducted with each person auditioning. You will then perform a 2-3 minute monologue of your choice to showcase your acting skills.
  • The auditions will be filmed for both casting and behind the scenes footage purposes. Each person will be asked to sign a release form, which you can refuse if you do not wish to be used in the behind the scenes footage. Some of you may be interviewed for behind the scenes footage (at your discretion).
  • The age limit is 17 and above. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • If you are successful in your audition you will be sent a segment of the script and invited for a call back on May 25th.

About Unfamous
Based on the reality of the elitist society of young urban London, ‘The Unfamous’ follows the story of Rio Greene’s first year in university. Tired of being overlooked by her peers Rio devises a plan to make herself bait or as she likes to call it ‘Unfamous,’ but along the way her past catches up with her and drives her to do things that she never would have dreamed of in order to ‘make it’ in ‘their world’.

Read ‘The Unfamous’ books here:

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The Unfamous books alone have gained WORLDWIDE attention and (so far) has been read collectively over 77,000 times on Wattpad alone. When the Flourish Drama Company adapted Unfamous into a play in 2010, it became the FIRST production to SELL OUT the Lost Theatre since it had been built. The series is going to be even bigger which is why we only want to work with serious individuals who are passionate about acting, so make sure you bring your A game.

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