Artist Packages


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Artist Branding

The Artist Branding package is a 3 hour in depth consultation that covers all aspect of your brand. We take close analysis of your:

  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Story
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Relevance
  • Target Audience

The Artist Branding package includes a full report outlining steps to take in each of the artist branding areas guiding you towards your long term strategy.

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Artist Coaching

Artist Coaching gives artists accountability, professional guidance, and honest feedback. Artist Coaching can take place with or without your manager, and is designed to take a smart look at your goals by breaking them down into bite size easy to achieve steps. Artist Coaching will make you curious about what you can offer as an artist and give you a clear strategy of what to do next.

It is important that you make a full commitment to the coaching relationship so key things can be identified and any issues can be removed to enable you to move toward and achieve your goals. Artist Coaching is an interactive relationship which can assist you in bringing about positive changes in your career.

What does Artist Coaching Provide?

  • Identifies your USP
  • Helps you to become a problem solver
  • Clarifies your long term vision
  • Identifies your target audience
  • Pinpoints your target audience’s demands
  • Audience engagement and customer experience
  • Industry trends and insights
  • Enables you to take calculated risks
  • Shows you how to build a strong team
  • Highlights your business offering
  • Ensures you are registered with the correct agencies
  • Your Artist Brand Statement

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Artist Consultation

We work with creative artists at every stage of their career. When working with recording artists we work seamlessly between all departments giving artists, their management, and their record label advice on potential target audiences and help with planning the direction of the artist and sharing ideas on what kind of brand best fits audience demands.

We play a major part in helping artists and creative businesses come up with an overall brand strategy, working with team members and handling brand related issues that require negotiation.

Our goal is to help artists have a stronger brand that will attract engagement from their target audience and deliver an optimal customer experience, both offline and within digital environments.

What does an Artist Consultation Provide?

  • A fresh perspective and objective viewpoint
  • On hand skills and experience
  • A cost effective service (cheaper than hiring a full time employee)
  • Advice on a pay as you go basis
  • Access to talented professionals and specialists
  • A proven track record
  • In depth knowledge of the market and trends
  • Maximise your relevance and unique qualities
  • Attract new opportunities
  • Increase sales

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