Art, by Dorika Chappell

When you stop long enough to look at art you find that it is its own world. There are so many different places you can go in this world of worlds. The beautiful thing about it all together is art is free in every way. There is no judgement that “should” come with the expression of it.

When we enter the “real” world we are entering into a mindset that has been around for ages. A universe is waiting to teach, arrange, and is ready to control every thought that we process.

When a person is born into the art world we enter it with nothing waiting to change us and nothing waiting to send us away. The art world is there to show how and what you are in an artistic manner. It’s like getting a blank piece of paper and letting your hand go. When you can stop long enough to let your mind go and just be you, that’s when the “magic” happens.

When it comes to ART I think I can speak for anyone living in this secret world when I say “it’s what we love, it’s what we do, and it’s who we are. We live and breathe what comes naturally to us.”

When people decide to join the world of artistic expression it’s for a lot of reasons but two big reasons are, 1. There is no other way to express what’s going on inside you. 2. You are standing on the outside looking in and everything in you wants to know what it’s like to let your mind go free.

When I found out at a young age that I can say whatever I want to say through words I found relief. As time has gone on I have changed and grown just as much as my writing and love for art. I finally overstood that the ability I found when I was young has opened the door for many things.

The world of art has been criticized, talked about, laughed at, and underappreciated, but for those who live in that world… We love it and know that for us there is no better place to be. Just maybe if more people joined our world there would be happier people out there in that “real” world.

I have found that we all live life differently and we all have to express that in our own way of expressing it. For me that expression is somewhere in the art world and I’m happy right here in it.



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