Every experience brings with it the most valuable lesson. What you learn from your experiences shapes your personality and the way you do things. The beliefs you have about yourself are your operating system and are constantly running in the background controlling your actions. The following personality types describes four different approaches typically taken in the industry. See which one best describes you or somebody you know.

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The Rebel “What’s in it for me?”

These artists are straight forward, self assured ‘doers’. They lead the team by plunging into things and getting their hands dirty. They are risk takers who like to shape the industry by overcoming opposition and pioneering new approaches.

Motivation: Challenges

Prioity: Results

Expectation: Want you to be efficient

Worry: Failure

These artists can most benefit from being patient, paying attention to detail, and understanding how their words and actions affect others.

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Deb McKoy is the Founder and Consultant at Peppergrain Ltd, London, UK. She began her career as a recording artist, achieving success in the UK national charts before going on to help businesses and individuals maximise their brand.

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Deb McKoy