3 Ways To Switch Things Up Before Disaster Strikes #IndustryTips

Change is the only certain thing in life. When we have control over a situation it can be exciting and motivating. However, when a sudden change brings our idea of normality crashing down it can be hard to recover from.

Adapting in times of change takes resilience. They are times when you learn the most about yourself. To truly rise like a phoenix from the ashes you cannot turn a blind eye and must address each problem head on. When you stare down adversity it backs off. But if left too long disaster can strike weighing heavy on people, leaving them uncertain about the future, and sceptical about what the future holds. Finding ways to stay objective in those situations and not making it your identity is the best way to get creative and plan a clear path forward.

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Disaster can be a good thing. It wakes you up and makes you self-aware enough to find and focus on your strengths so you can use your resources to your advantage. Many times we do not realise how progressive we are until we get stuck. However, to be truly creative you cannot fear change. Creative people find that thing they love. Focus on it. And get creative with it.

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Deb McKoy is the Founder and Consultant at Peppergrain Ltd, London, UK. She began her career as a recording artist, achieving success in the UK national charts before going on to help businesses and individuals maximise their brand.

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Deb McKoy